Klima For Dummies: How to take part in the Fair Launch Auction (easy)

What is the FLA?

  1. Let the market determine the fairest valuation of KLIMA.
  2. Get KLIMA into the hands of as many people as possible, for fairness and security.
  3. Distribute enough tokens to kick-start healthy trading markets on decentralized exchanges like Sushi-Swap.

Is this the same as a “Token Sale” or “Initial Coin Offering”?

Who can participate?

Is it risky?

What is the minimum allocation I can receive?

I’m new to this. How do I participate?

Install MetaMask Ethereum Wallet as a browser extension

  • A wallet is just a cryptographic key that lets you interact with the blockchain network securely.
  • MetaMask is like a nice helpful app to make that easier, and safer.
  • The browser extension allows you to approve or reject transactions without leaving the website. This will be useful for the auction, and for the KlimaDAO app.
  • If you already have Ether in a different wallet make sure it’s compatible with WalletConnect and that you have that wallet’s browser extension or mobile app ready to go.

Use ApplePay or a credit card to buy some Ether

  • Ether is a cryptocurrency that powers the Ethereum blockchain. You need Ether to pay the fees that keep the network running. You can use Ether just like any other cryptocurrency, plus you can use it to swap for thousands of other tokens, and do things like mint and trade NFTs, or use Decentralized Finance apps to invest.
  • If your country is not supported by Wyre or Transak you can use this official guide to find a supported retailer in your country. You will then need to transfer the crypto into your MetaMask wallet.

Go to the Fair Launch Auction Website on Copper

Connect your MetaMask browser extension to the Copper Launch auction website.

Choose your allocation of aKLIMA at the price you think is fair.

Hang tight and wait for launch!




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KlimaDAO enables mass participation in the carbon markets and governs the development of KLIMA, an algorithmic, carbon-backed currency.