KlimaDAO Launch Announcement

Klimates, get ready for launch.

Getting Ready

Initial Discord Offering (IDO) Participants

  • D Carbon Horizon holders will be airdropped 50 KLIMA at launch.
  • M Carbon Horizon holders will be airdropped 100 KLIMA at launch.

Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) Participants (aKLIMA)*

Alchemist Crucible Event Participants (alKLIMA)

  1. Head back to Alchemist Rewards Program, navigate to ‘Your Crucibles’, click the ‘’ next to the aKLIMA rewards programme and click ‘View…’, then click ‘Unsubscribe’.
  2. Click the ‘Asset Management’ tab, then the ‘Withdraw’ button to move your aKLIMA tokens back to your wallet.
  3. Next, bridge your aKLIMA and alKLIMA following the tutorial linked above.

Launch Day

  1. Acquire KLIMA in the open market via liquidity pools on SushiSwap. Simply connect your wallet and search for KLIMA (remember to switch to Polygon and avoid the illiquid L1 aKLIMA pool).
  2. Whether you acquire your KLIMA on launch day, or already have some from the LBP or IDO, you can put your KLIMA to work by staking at https://dapp.klimadao.finance/#/stake
  3. Bonding is the most cost-effective way to acquire KLIMA as the protocol will deliver the user a discount in return for BCT/KLIMA LP and BCT/USDC LP bonds. To bond, you must acquire BCT from Sushiswap, or purchase VCUs and bridge them using the infrastructure developed by Toucan (formerly CO2ken). Once you hold the assets, head over to https://dapp.klimadao.finance/#/bonds

What’s Next?




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KlimaDAO enables mass participation in the carbon markets and governs the development of KLIMA, an algorithmic, carbon-backed currency.